everything you should know about cold pressed juice cleanses

why juice?

Living in today’s fast paced world makes it difficult to find truly healthy eating options. Our body’s have become accustomed to eating processed food with high levels of fat and sugars. Juice offers an easy alternative to break the cycle of unhealthy eating habits.

Juices can offer a multitude of benefits, which include; strengthened immunity, weight loss, increased vitamin intake, and digestive rest. Drinking juice on a consistent basis is an easy way to take significant steps towards living a healthier lifestyle.

the cold pressed difference

You may have attempted to make juice in the past at home using a processor or a residential fruit and vegetable juicer, but there are key differences between our cold-pressed juice and juicing at home. One of the main differences is that we do not apply any heat at anytime during our process. Applying no heat during the juice extractions ensures that all nutrients and enzymes remain alive for consumption. Home centrifugal and masticating juicers produce heat that in turn decreases nutrients and enzymes in many cases up to 15%.

The first step after picking out our desired fruits and vegetables is to feed these items into our industrial cold pressed juicer. This top of the line juicer slowly pulverizes all the produce into a fine pulp, which then falls into a large mesh bag. Our juicer then applies a slow 2,000 pounds of pressure against the produce bag, extracting large quantities of cold pressed juice.

As soon as all of the juice is extracted from the produce, we then bottle and seal each juice immediately. We make sure to bottle and seal the juice immediately after pressing the produce to make sure the juice is kept as cold as possible and is exposed to as little air as possible. This ensures freshness.


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