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The Press Juice and Health Bar is Lexington’s top source for raw, cold pressed juices & juice cleanses. Since our opening in 2015, the Press has offered a variety of juices, cleanses, smoothies, salads, coffee, acai bowls & more!

We habitually order the freshest ingredients to ensure that your juices or meals are not only refreshing, but healthy!

Our mission is to provide Lexington with a locally-owned business who prides itself on the integrity of the ingredients it uses and makes every since juice, cleanse, acai bowl with love.


the cold pressed difference

At-home juicers produce heat that can affect the integrity of juice you're getting. In fact, you're likely losing up to 15% of nutrients and enzymes. Cold pressing does not apply ANY heat during the juicing process ensuring your juice is packed with all the good stuff.

As soon as all of the juice is extracted from the produce, we then bottle and seal each juice immediately. We make sure to bottle and seal the juice immediately after pressing to make sure the juice is kept as cold as possible and is exposed to as little air as possible.

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