Green Juice Diet

A green juice diet brings together almost the entire spectrum of nutrients in some way, shape or form. Green fruits and vegetables carry the benefit of chlorophyll.¬†Chlorophyll is the life essence of the plant and plays a direct role in photosynthesis. When people consume chlorophyll, it enhances the digestive tract, boosts the metabolism, and fine-tunes[…]

Calories in Pressed Juice

Pressed juices are the real deal in a juiced form. They don’t need added sugars or sweeteners so they don’t contain unnecessary calories. They aren’t strained or pasteurized so you don’t lose any of the vital nutrients. Although the shelf life is shorter than pasteurized products, most people find that once they start using pressed[…]

Juicing and the Benefits It Offers For Women During Menopause

For years women have dealt with the controversy over hormone replacement therapy and whether the benefits outweighed the risks. While doctors push the traditional methods of controlling the symptoms of menopause, women have continually rebelled, looking for natural, more effective ways of regaining their delicate hormonal balance. Including cold-pressed juices in the diet is just[…]