Pressed Juices Gives You What You Need to Age Gracefully

Cold pressed juices offer an abundance of nutrients the body needs to remain active and function efficiently. Juice blends can be used to replace one or more meals a day. Individuals who have a busy schedule often skip a meal when they are in a hurry. Skipping meals deprives the body of the nutrients, as well as the calories that fuel the body’s many processes. A cold pressed juice offers a variety of benefits, especially when it comes to anti-aging.The Press Juice and Health Bar - Lexington, KY - Fresh Pressed Juice

Antioxidants and the Aging Process

Free radicals can speed up the aging process causing wrinkles to form and slowing down the body’s production of vital hormones. The antioxidants found in cold pressed juices will destroy free radicals, slowing down the aging process and promoting optimum health as the person ages. The fresh fruits and vegetables used to make cold pressed juices are full of the antioxidants the body needs to function more efficiently and maintain a level of wellness that allows for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Maximum Nutrition for Optimum Health

As a person ages, their body changes. Body processes become slower and hormone production decreases. This can depress the immune system, lower a person’s energy levels, and reduce their cognitive abilities. The key to restoring optimum health is to increase the amount of nutrients the body takes in. The problem with this is┬áthe amount of calories needed to provide this type of nutritional support would cause an excessive amount of weight gain. The best way to avoid the excess calories and increase nutritional intake at the same time is to use fresh fruits and vegetables. Juicing the fruits and vegetables provides a meal on the go so that we no longer have to worry about doing without our much-needed vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Many people constantly strive to find the “fountain of youth”. Cold pressed juices may not be considered a fountain but they do contain everything the body needs to keep the body healthy and vibrant despite the aging process. Incorporating at least one juice blend or smoothie into the daily meal plan offers the nutrients the body needs without the calories they don’t. Explore the options that cold pressed juices have to offer at The Press Juice and Health Bar in Lexington, KY. The benefits they offer and their delicious flavor make it a win/win combination.