Eating Healthy Increases Productivity

People who are trying to get healthy and improve their lives often look to their diet to make the most drastic changes. Including healthy foods in their freshest state can sometimes be difficult. While cooking is the most common way to include fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet, juicing allows them to be included in their freshest state without losing any of their nutrients to heat or processing. Cold pressed juices use fruits and vegetables in their freshest, purest form meaning no waste or nutrient loss.

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Why Fresh is Better
Simply stated, fresh is better because it is easier for the body to break down. Fresh foods contain the enzymes that are needed by the body to aid in the digestion process. Foods begin to break down as soon as they enter the mouth. By the time they reach the upper portion of the small intestine, the nutrients are ready to be absorbed and utilized by the body. Although some nutrients will be lost due to strong acids in the stomach, those that do make it through to the duodenum are immediately taken up by the blood stream and dispersed throughout the body.

Boosting Performance Levels
The breakdown of the fruits and vegetables allows for the creation of glucose that the body needs to function. The faster the foods are able to break down, the less energy is lost. As a person drinks their juice, they will get an immediate boost of energy that will enhance the availability of the nutrients. The boost of both energy and nutrients allows a person the opportunity to function more efficiently on a physical as well as a cognitive level. They think more clearly and are better able to work through obstacles they may face.

Fruits and vegetables in their freshest state can be used to create juice blends that offer the maximum amount of energy and nutrients with the least amount of waste. The energy is immediately available and can provide a boost that many of people need to help get them through the rest of their day. Cold pressed juices can be used as a snack between meals or can even be substituted for a smaller meal if taken early enough in the day.

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