Eating Healthier Reduces Stress

Exercise, eating a nutritious diet and getting adequate amounts of sleep are aspects of maintaining good health. While sleep and exercise work together to keep the physical body at its peak, a person’s diet provides the fuels and key elements that are needed to maintain optimum function. Eating foods that are fresh and unprocessed provides the body with the maximum amount of nutrition with the minimum amount of waste.The Press Juice and Health Bar - Lexington, KY - Cold Pressed Juice

Less Digestive Upset

Highly processed foods can slow down the digestive processes making a person feel lethargic and irritable. This can lead to higher than normal stress levels that affect other areas of their lives. Eating fresh foods or using them to make nutritious juices allows the digestive tract to work more efficiently. More nutrients are absorbed and foods are broken down completely creating less waste and improving bowel function.

Mental Clarity

Adding fresh, cold-pressed juices to the diet provides instant nutrition and a boost of energy that no only fuels the body but clears the mind. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain Vitamin C, B-complex and other nutrients that are vital for optimum brain function. When the body has the tools it needs to function at its best, a person’s memory improves, their cognitive processes are enhanced, and they are better able to focus more clearly on the task at hand. Students who eat a healthy snack before a major test will get higher scores than those who eat less nutritious foods.

Extra Energy

Cold pressed juices and other healthy foods provide an abundance of nutrients that are assimilated quickly and easily into the blood stream. This immediate uptake results in glucose that can is readily available for energy whenever it is needed. Because fruits and vegetables that have been juiced break down so quickly, there is very little the stomach has to do to begin the process. Almost as soon as they are consumed, the vitamins and minerals they offer are ready to be delivered throughout the body.

Stress depletes the body of these vital nutrients. When juices are included as part of the diet, the nutrients are replenished almost immediately. When the body has what it needs to function, it is less likely to experience the signs and symptoms of stress. One of the most efficient ways to get this┬átype of nutrition is to use cold pressed juices on a daily basis. They offer the nutrients the body needs without the additional calories it doesn’t. Stop by the Press Juice & Health Bar in Lexington, KY for fresh, cold-pressed juice!