What are the Dangers of Processed Foods?

We live in a society where quicker is better and if it looks good it must be good for you. Food manufacturers have made us believe that even highly processed foods that are fortified with vitamins and minerals are good for you. The fact is, that statement can’t be further from the truth. Companies have gone so far as to mislead consumers by using different spellings of words to confuse the issue of whether or not a food is healthy or not. A good example is the use of light and lite on food labels. Lite means fewer fats or calories, while light can indicate nothing more than a change in the color. The list goes on.

The Myth Behind Processed FoodsThe Press Juice and Health Bar - Lexington, KY - Fresh Pressed Juice

Processed foods are quick, convenient and delicious, but are they good for you. The fact is they are not. Manufacturers have learned
to create the illusion of good, wholesome food with a bunch of smoke and mirrors. Additives and preservatives are used in abundance to make our foods look great and taste delicious. The problemĀ is all of that processing and convenience comes at a price. A hefty one when you consider how those foods affect your body. Even though claims are made that processed foods are healthy, the fact is the processing they go through can destroy up to 90% of the food’s nutritional value. The food may look delicious, but it is all show and no go when it comes to nutrition.

The Dangers of Processed Foods

Eating excessive amounts of processed foods can be hard on the body. Too many toxins can overload the liver and the digestive system causing it to become sluggish and ineffective. Not only do highly processed foods lack nutrients, they normally have an abundance of calories that the body may not be ableĀ to work off in a timely fashion. The additives and preservatives found in many highly processed foods may reach toxic levels and begin to have detrimental effects on certain organs or bodily functions.

Before overloading on processed foods, remember that if you can’t pronounce the ingredients listed on the label, the food is probably not as good for you as it claims. Instead of consuming a toxic cocktail of additives and preservatives, cook a meal from scratch and see how much better you feel when you’ve finished eating.

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