Calories in Pressed Juice

Pressed juices are the real deal in a juiced form. They don’t need added sugars or sweeteners so they don’t contain unnecessary calories. They aren’t strained or pasteurized so you don’t lose any of the vital nutrients. Although the shelf life is shorter than pasteurized products, most people find that once they start using pressed juices, they incorporate them more often than conventional snacks, simply because of the immediate energy they provide.

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How Many Calories

It isn’t about the calories. Healthy foods sometimes contain a few more calories, but by the same token, they provide you the right amount of energy to burn them off. With that being said, the number of calories in each juice will vary depending on what each juice contains. For most juice blends, the number of calories will vary from 50 to 350 calories per serving. When you are exchanging a juice for a meal or snack, the number of calories will often help, not hurt, your goals. People who want to lose weight are constantly looking at calories as if they are something bad. The fact is, you can’t live without them. If you get calories from the foods that work more efficiently, there is little risk that they will be stored as fat. You have more energy and your system becomes more effective in all of its functions. There is much less waste¬†and much more energy produced that is available almost immediately.

Fats and Proteins

Most juices contain no fats or proteins, which can be a good thing. Fruits and vegetables need certain enzymes to digest them, while fats and proteins require another. Researchers have known for years that when mixing the different types of digestive enzymes, a battle is sometimes started in the digestive tract causing it to become sluggish and preventing the body from absorbing the nutrients it needs. When a person consumes cold pressed juices, they are only using one of the enzymes and the digestive process is much more streamlined. The stomach acid is actually kept to a minimum and the foods are moved through the stomach at a much faster rate. Nutrients are utilized almost immediately and the body receives a rush of energy that is beneficial, especially during the mid-day rush.

When it comes to cold pressed juices, they offer the most benefit as a stand-alone snack or meal. Combining them with foods that contain fats and proteins will almost defeat the purpose if you are using them to produce energy and improve the digestive process. Using cold pressed juices offers calories that you need. Including pressed juices in your daily meal plan at the right time provides you with an energy boost you need without the extra calories you don’t.

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