How to Prepare for a Juice Cleanse

A cold press juice cleanse is one of the best detoxifies you can use to regain your health and re-establish new patterns when it comes to diet and nutrition. Juices work by flushing the digestive system. This draws contaminants, toxins, and debris from the body. It has been proven that an average size adult male[…]

Tips for Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle is not difficult if you go about it the right way. Many of us are set in our ways having developed old patterns out of convenience. To regain your health, you have to put those old habits in the past and change your way of thinking. Adding cold pressed juices to[…]

Eating Healthier Reduces Stress

Exercise, eating a nutritious diet and getting adequate amounts of sleep are aspects of maintaining good health. While sleep and exercise work together to keep the physical body at its peak, a person’s diet provides the fuels and key elements that are needed to maintain optimum function. Eating foods that are fresh and unprocessed provides[…]

Eating Healthy Increases Productivity

People who are trying to get healthy and improve their lives often look to their diet to make the most drastic changes. Including healthy foods in their freshest state can sometimes be difficult. While cooking is the most common way to include fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet, juicing allows them to be included[…]

Why are Whole Foods Better?

Whole foods that are consumed in their most natural state offer the maximum amount of nutrients along with the enzymes that the body needs to digest them quickly and efficiently. Foods begin to lose their nutritive value as soon as they are harvested. Processing continues to break down more and more nutrients. Fiber is also[…]