Juicing and the Benefits It Offers For Women During Menopause

For years women have dealt with the controversy over hormone replacement therapy and whether the benefits outweighed the risks. While doctors push the traditional methods of controlling the symptoms of menopause, women have continually rebelled, looking for natural, more effective ways of regaining their delicate hormonal balance. Including cold-pressed juices in the diet is just[…]

Cold Press Juice Can Get You Back on the Wagon

The holidays are fast approaching and everyone is looking forward to the family gatherings and festivities. No one looks forward to the after holiday blues that often fall upon those who blew their diet at each holiday dinner. Falling into old patterns of eating too much and anything that looks appetizing can literally destroy the[…]

Beauty Benefits of Juicing

The foods you consume will reflect in the quality of your skin. Processed foods can make your skin look dull and lifeless. Eliminating the foods that cause inflammation and blemishes and replacing them with cold pressed juices can reverse these changes. Fresh juice blends offer nutrients that are immediately accessible to the body. They are broken[…]